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The Court of Cassation has upheld almost in full the judgment obtained by Vogel & Vogel for Digicel against Orange in the telephone case

The judgment on the principal award obtained before the Paris Court of Appeal, which constitutes one of the largest damages cases ever tried in France, is now final. The Court of Cassation’s ruling is very important for private enforcement law as it has clarified several key legal issues in relation to damages for anticompetitive practices.

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The final version of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and Vertical Guidelines

The final version of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and Vertical Guidelines: a fairly positive text, favorable to the protection of distribution networks and their proper functioning, despite some imperfections On 10 May 2022 the European Commission published the final version of its regulation and guidelines on vertical restraints applicable in particular to distribution agreements.

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The firm has submitted observations to the Commission on the proposed block Exemption regulation and guidelines on vertical restraints

Vogel & Vogel have submitted to the Commission their comments on the draft Block Exemption Regulation and the draft Guidelines with regard to their impact on the structure of European distribution networks and on some particular behaviors, while emphasizing the very positive developments of certain changes compared to the current state of the law but

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Competition and generic medicines – latest developments ECJ

When the patent of an originator drug (i.e. the original protected drug) expires, the manufacturer of that drug may be tempted, while waiting for the protection of new processes by new patents, to prevent the arrival of generics into the market. Under the guise of settling patent disputes, “pay for delay” agreements are reached with

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