Vogel Search

For over 30 years, Louis and Joseph Vogel have been committed to keeping Vogel & Vogel at the forefront of technical and legal innovation. Artificial intelligence – and its legal applications – are revolutionizing the legal profession. Vogel & Vogel is at the heart of this movement, whether it’s developing innovative solutions within its own teams or pioneering the development of new products.

Vogel Search

Vogel Search is a unique in-house tool reserved exclusively for the firm’s lawyers. This intelligent platform enables them to quickly find all the legal documents produced by the firm over the last 5 years.

With Vogel Search, lawyers can combine our exclusive keyword-indexed database with Livv’s thematic plan in just a few clicks, enriching their search and making the production of legal advice and/or submissions more efficient.


Vogel & Vogel chooses Livv

Vogel & Vogel’s lawyers have access to Livv, the leading research platform specialized in business law. Thanks to this service, they benefit from exclusive day-to-day access to consistent, objective legal doctrine and a continuously updated database in real time, in both French and English.

An AI-powered search engine, an exclusive thematic map and Legal Charts (statistics) are just some of the new features Livv offers, all designed to help the firm devise winning legal strategies.


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