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Vogel & Vogel has created a network of law firms specializing in economic law throughout the world. It can address any issue relating to competition/regulation, distribution/freedom of movement and consumer/industrial risk law in any country concerned.

The members of Vogel Global, whether independent national law firms or multi-service firms with a team specialized in business law, share Vogel & Vogel’s high standards of quality. They have been selected on the basis of criteria of excellence.

The members of the network share a common objective: to offer their clients the best possible service, combining a high level of legal expertise with an ability to adapt to the socio-cultural specificities of each country concerned.

Vogel Global Competition Network is the only network of law firms specializing in competition law ranked in Band 1 by Chambers Global since 2017. Most of our members are also listed in Chambers & Partners and Legal 500.

To benefit from the services we offer, direct contact with a specialist in a particular country and a privileged quality/price ratio with one of our members, contact: vgcn@vogel-global.com

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