2 March 2020

Product conformity: Legal guarantee of conformity
The buyer who, after placing an order at an international fair for a set of furniture intended to equip his bathroom and giving a check of approximately EUR 7,500 as a deposit, cannot rely on Article L. 217- 4 of the Consumer Code where no furniture was delivered or installed.
Toulouse, 17 February 2020, LawLex2020000251JBJ

Product safety: Contractual safety obligation
The operator of a car park, required to provide its users with a floor in good condition allowing its use without any abnormal risks, having covered the floor with a thick epoxy coating making the surface “non-slip” for pedestrians, and concluded, with a specialized company, a cleaning contract providing for the daily mechanical intervention by six qualified agents from 2 to 10 am and from 3 to 5 pm, in addition to manual cleaning if necessary, of entry and exit ramps and pedestrian walkways in colors which are different from the traffic lanes, does not incur contractual liability for breach of its obligation of safety with regard to a user who has slipped and fallen due to a wet patch that has not been cleaned.
Court of Cassation, 1st civil chamber, 5 February 2020, LawLex2020000244JBJ