In a dispute settlement relating to SFR FTTH’s prices for the rental of fibre optic lines to French network operators, the French telecoms regulator (ARCEP) gave its opinion in favour of Bouygues Telecom.


Bouygues Telecom complained that the increase in co-financing and line rental rates were unjustified, and that the former line rental rates were not reasonnable and issued arbitration proceedings against SFR FTTH.

The Arcep concluded that the pricing terms and conditions were unreasonable and required that SFR FTTH amend its agreement with Bouygues Telecom to restore its previous rates and fix a price limit on the fibre optic line rental.

The case comes following a government-launched nationwide scheme in France to develop broadband in less densely-populated areas.

Bouygues Telecom was represented throughout the entire arbitration proceedings by the competition and telecoms regulation team at Vogel & Vogel, led by Juliette Blouet and assited by Marion Charrier.