Why use the services of Vogel & Vogel ?

Vogel & Vogel was established by two founding members, Louis Vogel and Joseph Vogel, acknowledged as key players in the field of competition, regulation and distribution law at the national and European level. The firm is managed by a management committee made up of three members. Vogel & Vogel, comprised of real specialists, provides its clientele with the largest team of lawyers specialized in such practice areas in France.  

This highly specialized approach corresponds to a strategic choice which enables Vogel & Vogel to provide its clients with an excellent service.

In addition to these practice areas, the firm also has a highly specialized team in consumer affairs, capable of handling all after-sales issues connected to the distribution of goods and services. 

Its clientele relies on Vogel & Vogel due to its expertise, professionalism and know-how. Vogel & Vogel is acknowledged as one of the few leaders in France in the field of competition, distribution and consumer law.

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