27 January 2020

Misleading commercial practices: Scope ratione loci
The French provisions on misleading commercial practices are applicable to a website which is accessible in France and offers products deliverable in France at prices displayed in euros.
CA Paris, 17 January 2020, LawLex2020000071JBJ

Misleading commercial practices: Civil action
An association of importers whose purpose is to protect the interests of its members may bring an action on the basis of non-compliance with the rules relating to misleading commercial practices even if consumer protection is not also one of its aims.
CA Paris, 17 January 2020, LawLex2020000071JBJ

Deception: Composition of product
As the omission in manufactured products of an indication of the presence of allergens or substances which may cause adverse reactions is a particularly serious breach since the ingestion of such substances can trigger severe reactions, illnesses and other consequences, the offense of deception is constituted in all of its elements without it being necessary to characterize the substantial nature of the modifications made to the composition of the foodstuffs in question, in particular with regard to the tiny proportions of supplementary meat added to the finished products and to the conformity of this practice with the Code of Practice for deli meats/charcuterie.
Court of Cassation, criminal chamber, 14 January 2020, LawLex2020000081JBJ