The philosophy of Vogel & Vogel

A specialized firm and niche positioning

Vogel & Vogel specializes solely in European and French competition / regulation, distribution and consumer law, which allows it to work with law firms that are not specialized in those areas and to bring  a complementary service to them. 

An entrepreneurial firm

Vogel & Vogel is characterized by a real spirit of initiative and creation and can provide the best service to its clients at the best price. 

A ground-breaking firm

Vogel & Vogel is a major participant in the continual development of case law in a complex and changing field of law. The energy and excellence of our lawyers and their in-depth analysis of legal issues allow the firm to increase the chances of success in defending the interests of our clients in their commercial negotiations and at trial level even in the most difficult of cases. The firm uses the services of specialized economic consultants and has developed an internal e-learning department. Louis Vogel and Joseph Vogel have been at the origin of a number of new legal theories in their field.

An international firm

Vogel & Vogel can address the particular needs of its international clientele thanks to its foreign desks and its network of 54 “best friends” throughout the world.