Distribution department

A team of one manager and several associates.

Exclusive distribution / Supply or brand exclusivity

  • Exclusive distribution granted in a territory or for a defined clientele and supply or brand exclusivity are usually considered as pro-competitive vertical restraints, provided that they abide by the competition law rules. The firm assists its clients in drawing up such agreements.
  • Vogel & Vogel also represents and assists its clients in connection with litigation relating to exclusive distribution and non-compete obligations before competition authorities and courts.

Qualitative and/or quantitative selective distribution

  • In selective distribution networks, a supplier must provide qualitative or quantitative selection criteria.
  • Vogel & Vogel assists suppliers in setting up their distribution networks and advises them, in particular, on the effect of European and French rules on the creation of such networks. The firm also represents its clients before competition authorities and courts.

Automobile distribution

  • Vogel & Vogel is a renowned expert in the automobile sector and represents numerous automobile manufacturers.
  • The firm advises manufacturers with respect to the setting up of their distribution networks (choice of network, choice of selection criteria, drafting of distribution agreements) and assists them in connection with all litigation connected to the functioning of their networks.


  • Vogel & Vogel assists heads of networks in drawing up franchise agreements and in any litigation in relation to the performance of such agreements.

Commercial agency / Commission

  • Vogel & Vogel assists companies in drafting their commercial agency agreements, required to meet various conditions to be valid.
  • Vogel & Vogel also assists its clients in connection with litigation between automobile dealers or manufacturers and importers and their agents.

Major distribution cases

Vogel & Vogel has:

  • successfully brought to an end the iPhone distribution exclusivity of its client Bouygues Telecom’s competitor through proceedings before the Competition Authority and the issuing of interim protective measures, allowing Bouygues to sell the smartphone in France,
  • obtained the switch to free-to-air for former pay-TV channel LCI,
  • assisted in the reorganization of major motor vehicle distribution networks over the last 20 years,
  • on several occasions successfully pleaded for the validity of refusals to approve distributors meeting the selection criteria within selective distribution networks on the basis of contractual freedom, the prohibition of perpetual contracts and the unilateral nature of a refusal to approve.