Vogel Global Competition Network

Vogel & Vogel has close ties with quality “Best Friends” throughout the world. Vogel & Vogel can therefore deal with all issues involving competition / regulation, distribution and consumer law in all countries, either directly or through its network of correspondent law firms.

The correspondent law firms of Vogel & Vogel are national, independent firms, having teams specialized in competition / regulation, distribution and consumer law, and which share our quality requirements. We have selected our partners based on their excellence.

The members of our network all share the same goal:
To provide the best possible service to clients with a combination of impressive legal skills and the ability to adapt to the socio-cultural context of the country concerned.

  • Most of the members are ranked in Chambers & Partners and Legal 500.
  • The Vogel Global Competition Network is the only competition network recognized by Chambers Global 2017 and 2018 and is ranked in band 1.
  • To benefit from the services provided by the Network, a privileged introduction to the leading competition specialist and a preferential quality/price ratio with our members, please contact: vgcn@vogel-global.com.

Vogel Global Competition Network Directory

Typical characteristics of a member include:

  • specialized firm dedicated to competition and distribution law,
  • niche firm or larger firm with a specialized competition law department,
  • providing a service of the highest quality,
  • having close ties with the competition and regulatory authorities of its country.

The Vogel Global Competition Network currently includes 59 members in 55 countries.

Every member is a national lawyer/firm of the country in question recognized for his/her competence and expertise having close ties with the competition and the regulatory authorities of its country.


Bernardo Cassagne, Partner

Being part of the Vogel Global Competition Network is a privilege, as it gives our firm the chance to exchange the latest knowledge and news with other specialists in Competition, Regulation and Distribution Law, with the added bonus of the opportunity of getting client referrals.

Seiichi Yoshikawa, Partner

Vogel Global Competition Network is an extremely valuable international network for me and my firm. I have already worked on competition law matters with Louis Vogel and a number of other members of the network. It is always encouraging to be able to find competent competition lawyers in any important jurisdictions when necessary. I hope that the Network will be even more effective in the future.

Panayotis Bernitsas, Partner

The team at Bernitsas Law is honoured to be part of the Vogel Global Competition Network. It has proven to be an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas with colleagues from over 50 countries and the network’s impressive growth is a testament to its value.

Georgeta Dinu, Partner
NNDKP Romania

We very much appreciate the professionalism with which the Vogel Global Competition Network works to emerge as a strong network of selected specialists, and we are glad to be part of its initiatives that continuously aim to benefit clients and thus, the business environments we serve.