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Competition authorities are subject to an effective control of their impartiality: on July 29, 2020, the First President of the Paris Court of Appeal granted a petition for legitimate suspicion against the Polynesian Competition Authority

On July 29, 2020, the First President of the Paris Court of Appeal just issued a landmark decision: he granted a petition for legitimate suspicion against an independent administrative authority, in this case the Polynesian Competition Authority (APC – Autorité polynésienne de la concurrence), because of the behavior of [+]

3 August 2020|

Publication of the French new merger control guidelines: a restructured, updated and more comprehensive document both as to procedure and substance

On July 23, 2020, the French Competition Authority issued its new guidelines on merger control which supersede the former guidelines dated July 10, 2013. The new guidelines, which are applicable immediatelyand are more structured, incorporate the recent decision-making practice of the Competition Authority (inter alia, Altice, FNAC/Darty, or Emil [+]

27 July 2020|

The Competition Chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal upholds the French Competition Authority’s dismissal of complaints relating to refusals of approval within a qualitative selective network (CA Paris, 4 June 2020)

The Paris Court of Appeal has just handed down a key ruling on qualitative selection. It has upheld a decision of the Competition Authority rejecting the complaint of various candidates for entry into the Hyundai qualitative repair network for lack of sufficient evidence (Competition Authority decision No 19-D-08, 9 [+]

9 June 2020|

Definition of relevant market – possible improvements

Market definition plays an essential role in competition law. It is particularly decisive in matters of abuse of a dominant position and merger control. How broad or narrow the definition of the product market and the geographic market is, will determine whether a company will be regarded as having [+]

20 May 2020|

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