Vogel & Vogel, leader in its field

Specialized teams

Vogel & Vogel is known for its high level of expertise in the areas of competition law, regulation law, distribution law, consumer law and European business law. Our specialized teams handle all aspects of competition, distribution and consumer law. We provide a comprehensive services ranging from advice and litigation to compliance and lobbying.


The Vogel & Vogel, competition / regulation law team is the largest on the French market and intervenes in all areas of French and European competition law and regulation, handling all aspects of cases entrusted to it.


The Vogel & Vogel distribution law team is known for its high level of expertise in ensuring the the setting up and operation of all types of distribution networks (exclusive, selective, selective/exclusive, franchises, commission-based).


The Vogel & Vogel consumer law team consists of experts in consumer law, advertising and sales promotion and is able to offer innovative solutions for all areas of after-sales. It is known for its considerable expertise, especially in the automobile sector, particularly regarding product liability litigation.

Clients from all sectors of activity

Vogel & Vogel serves a varied clientele: private and public undertakings, administrative authorities, trade associations and other legal professionals, both in France and internationally, are able to benefit from our expertise.

The clients of Vogel & Vogel come from extremely varied economic sectors and are generally located on innovative, evolving or highly competitive markets.