Vogel & Vogel, commitment to progress

Vogel & Vogel has close ties with a variety of partners and stakeholders in competition, distribution and consumer law. For more information, contact-us

The Cercle Montesquieu is an association of general counsels representing for its members a privileged forum for dialogue and exchange on the role of corporate legal departments and the managerial aspects of that role.

The Cercle has asked like-minded persons who share its values to support its actions as “Friends of the Circle” (Amis du Cercle). Vogel & Vogel is a member of the “Amis du Cercle“.

The French association of in-house counsel (AFJE – Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise) is the oldest professional organization of corporate lawyers in France and Europe.

Established in 1969, its primary role is the promotion of the profession of general counsel and its stated mission is training, informing and exchanging on the major current topics of interest in the fields in which corporate lawyers work. Vogel & Vogel is a partner of the AFJE with which it regularly organizes events and collaborates on publications.

Vogel & Vogel is in partnership with Wave France. Wave – Women and Vehicles in Europe – is an association created by women working in the automobile sector wishing to inform women and encourage them to consider jobs in the motor vehicle industry. One of its priority objectives is to foster the opening up of the automotive sector to women who can bring complementary skills and a new dynamic to the industry.

The automotive sector has a wide variety of exciting careers and still overlooked by women. Bringing more women into the automobile profession is to gain access to a wider talent pool and reap the benefit of a diverse specific and complementary skill-sets.

Vogel & Vogel supports the values promoted by Wave France in acting in favor of the promotion of women in the automobile trades.

Assas Junior Conseil (AJC) is the Assas (Paris II University) student consultancy specializing in law, finance, strategy and marketing. With 40 administrators, this student enterprise has over 800 student members. It brings its expertise to companies, the public sector and also to entrepreneurs and start-ups. Louis Vogel is honorary president of the association.

Vogel & Vogel has forged a partnership with the Association Jade des Juristes d’Affaires de Droit Européen which represents the Master 2 program in European Business Law and its students to professionals and law firms, French authorities and the European institutions.

The firm is a founder member of the Cercle Dalloz whose aim is “the sharing and diffusion of knowledge and legal experience”.