Improved legal risk analysis, predicting success in litigation and access to online legal analysis. Vogel Box provides predictive justice research and expert diagnostic tools based on our comprehensive database of competition, distribution, consumer and European law.

• Vogel Database –, an exclusive database containing over 30,000 French and European cases, arranged by theme, and analyzed and summarized by experts in each field.

• Vogel Search, a research tool which, through a list of pre-defined key concepts, refers you to the main judgments rendered on the subject, as well as to practical tips, a bibliography and analytical tables enabling the definition of a legal strategy to enhance your chances of success, whether plaintiff or defendant.

• Vogel Consulting –, artificial intelligence system for tailor-made question/answer consultations on any given topic in our area of legal expertise.


Vogel Database


An exclusive database of more than 30,000 judgments rendered by the French and European courts and authorities and operated by simple word search in competition law, distribution law, consumer law and European business law.

Aimed at corporate counsel, Vogel Database offers:

All applicable binding legislation (treaties, regulations, codes, laws, decrees) or administrative doctrine (directives, guidelines, opinions, recommendations, communications, circulars).

• Various search options for greater efficiency and more pertinent results (by table of contents, court, date, appeal or case number, full-text).

• Easy to use: possibility to access all sources of law from a single search from, to enter several criteria, to access the result by the table of contents, to refine the result by combining table of contents and full text.

For more information, contact Guillemette Capdet – +33 (0) 1 53 67 76 20 – vogel-contact@vogel-vogel.com.



Vogel Search


Using our database, Vogel Search optimizes your research in competition law. From 800 clearly- defined keywords, you have access to:

• 100 statistics and summary tables,

• 350 practical tips,

• 1600 summaries of rulings and extracts from important judgments,

• 700 references to publications with commentary (articles from legal journals, collections of published materials, etc.) Vogel Search will also soon be available for distribution law, consumer law and European business law.

Vogel Search sera aussi prochainement disponible dans les autres branches du droit économique : droit de la distribution, droit de la consommation, droit européen des affaires.

• For more information contact Guillemette Capdet – +33 (0) 1 53 67 76 20 – vogel-contact@vogel-vogel.com.


Vogel Consulting


Vogel Consulting offers an expert interactive system for online consultations in competition, consumer, distribution and European business law. Using the system, you can obtain legal analysis or advice on your legal problem in a given area.

At each stage, you choose one of the legal options proposed while answering the questions formulated which will result in a solution or advice. The result depends on the data you provide and the legal breakdown of your problem.

Throughout your search you will also be able to access the legal commentary and / or case law relating to your case.


Vogel Consulting will be online shortly.