Vogel & Vogel offers a constantly growing level of expertise and a comprehensive range of services in its specialized areas.

A full-service offering in competition/regulation, distribution and consumer law

Like the three bureaus of the US Federal Trade Commission, our firm’s field of intervention covers a broad ranges of practices and matters (EU and french antitrust/ french rules on price transparency and restrictive practices/regulation /distribution law /consumer law).

With a team of 35 lawyers competent in each area to handle all issues from the most classic to the most complex, Vogel & Vogel is not limited to a single sector or to a single practice area. Our teams operate in rotation thus ensuring the development of across-the-board know-how and competencies resulting in the innovative and pro-active handling of cases. This transversal approach is the golden rule at Vogel & Vogel as it provides a global vision resulting in optimized case handling and knowledge enhancement for our lawyers.

The specific organization and the constant striving for excellence in a specialized field have allowed Vogel & Vogel to establish strong links with our clients, who benefit from continuity in the handling of their legal matters thanks to the stability of our relationship with them. Specific positioning and low attorney turnover have enabled the firm to build a real know-how and a legal expertise incomparable in its field.

A legal services enterprise

In addition to the provision of legal consultancy and litigation, Vogel & Vogel offers a comprehensive package of services to business. Thanks to its knowledge management department, the office develops products, designed for in-house counsel, ranging from traditional offerings such as books, databases, the newsletters to new products such as online training, access to a blog, a YouTube channel and decision-making, predictive and artificial intelligence analysis tools.

Through the construction of a network of knowledge and know-how, Vogel & Vogel is able to better respond to the expectations of businesses and – beyond basic case-handling – to build a true business relationship with its clients.

Vogel & Vogel is one of the few French law firms to have been awarded the dual ISO 9001 quality policy and ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

A firm closely involved in current debate on legal and social issues

Louis Vogel and his brother Joseph Vogel publish works furthering understanding in the field, including textbooks, articles and legal intelligence on competition, distribution, consumer affairs and European business law, and regularly hold conferences and seminars at the firm’s premises. Key players on the market, they are regularly asked to support legislative reform. Louis and Joseph Vogel are active participants in legal and social debate through the Club d’Iéna, a think-tank created by them to promote a legal approach to political and social issues informing public debate.