Vogel & Vogel’s distribution team is renowned for its expertise in ensuring the operation and setting up of distribution networks in all their forms. The firm assists its clients in developing their distribution policy in connection with all types of litigation involving vertical restraints in all economic sectors.

Exclusive distribution / Supply or brand exclusivity

Exclusive distribution granted in a territory or for a defined clientele and supply or brand exclusivity are usually considered as pro-competitive vertical restraints, provided that they abide by the competition law rules. The firm works with its clients in drawing up such agreements. Vogel & Vogel also assists its clients in connection with litigation relating to exclusive distribution and non-compete obligations before competition authorities and courts.


Qualitative and/or quantitative selective distribution


In connection with selective distribution networks, a supplier must provide quantitative or qualitative selection criteria. Vogel & Vogel assists suppliers in setting up their distribution networks and advises them, in particular, on the effect of European and French rules on the creation of such networks. The firm also represents its clients before competition authorities and courts.

Automobile distribution


Vogel & Vogel is a renowned expert in the automobile sector and represents numerous automobile manufacturers. The firms advises manufacturers with respect to the setting up of their distribution networks (choice of network, choice of selection criteria, drafting of distribution agreements) and assists them in connection with all litigation connected to the functioning of their networks.



Vogel & Vogel assists heads of networks in drawing up franchise agreements and in connection with their litigation in relation to the performance of such agreements.

Commercial agency

Vogel & Vogel assists companies in drafting their commercial agency agreements, which are subject to numerous conditions in order to be valid. Vogel & Vogel also assists its clients in connection with litigation between automobile dealers or manufacturers and importers and their agents.