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Reform of French Contract Law

A major reform of contract law has been adopted in France. Compared to the Civil Code of 1804, this reform is a real revolution in French contractual law and should be known and anticipated by all companies active in France...

How to prepare for the French reform of contrat law

Vogel Global Competition Network, Band 1 Chambers 2016 Guide
Interview of Louis Vogel - Lexis PSL

Commercial analysis: As French contract law undergoes radical reform Louis Vogel, managing partner at Vogel & Vogel and Isabelle Eid, counsel and head of knowledge management (representing the working group at DLA Piper involved in the French Civil Code reform public consultation), examine how the revision of the Napoleonic Code will affect trade.

The French Civil Code Reform--revival or suppression of trade?

This week, newsflashes

Competition Law

Sudden termination of established commercial relationship Where the termination concerns a brand of products, account cannot be taken when calculating the proper duration of the notice period, of the previous relationship between the two partners for the distribution of another brand. CA Paris, 20 March 2015, LawLex20150000353JBJ

Court-ordered investigation The disregard of the right to be tried within a reasonable time does not constitute grounds for the annulment of the proceedings. Court of Cassation, criminal chamber, 25 February 2015, LawLex20150000261JBJ

Distribution Law

Motor vehicle distribution The termination of a dealer contract also covers the authorized repairer contract without it being necessary to give formal notice thereof when the first contract stipulates that its termination shall extend to the second in the case of a breach prejudicial to the fairness of the relationship, the trust and the partnership between the parties. Court of Cassation, criminal chamber, 10 February 2015, LawLex20150000371JBJ

Franchising A franchisor vitiates the candidate’s consent regarding the profitability of the operation by providing a forecast report, against payment, based on data which is not comparable with the candidate’s personal situation and does not contain a pertinent and rigorous analysis of the expected turnover and foreseeable costs. Court of Cassation, commercial chamber, 17 March 2015, LawLex20150000369JBJ


Consumer Law

Advertisements of price reductions The Order of 11 March 2015 repeals the Order of 31 December 2008, bringing French law in line with EU law in the area of unfair commercial practices and leaves operators the freedom to determine reference prices whilst bearing the burden of proving the reality thereof. Order of 11 March 2015 on advertisements of price reductions to consumers, JORF 24 March 2015, 5378

Macron bill: against the reform of affiliation contracts, by L. & J. Vogel

The reform: In order to streamline the large retail networks and facilitate the switch by franchisees to other retail chains, an amendment to the Macron bill tabled by François Brottes, now included in Article 10 of the bill, institutes a substantial reform of distribution contracts. 

Against the reform of affiliation contracts under the Macron Law (In response to the opinion piece by Serge Méresse) 

Vogel & Vogel awarded Gold Trophy for competition law.

The magazine Décideurs has ranked Vogel & Vogel as a key player in competiton law, distribution law, deregulation and franchising in its 2015 listing. The firm did particularly well earning a first place ranking in competition and distribution law.

"Dedicated to advising major French and international undertakings for over 25 years, Vogel & Vogel has counselled the top operators in many major sectors thanks to the stablilty and highly speicalized skills of its competition and distribution teams".

Article by Louis Vogel in the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice

The Recent Application of European Competition Law to Distribution Agreements: A Return to Formalism?
Louis Vogel
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice 2015;
doi: 10.1093/jeclap/lpv024 ijkey=Aooc0yvnzzbZQEU&keytype=ref

2015 top business lawyers award: please support Vogel & Vogel

Vogel & Vogel is once again participating in the award organized by Le Monde du Droit, the "Palmarès des Cabinets d’Avocats d’Affaires" which ranks the top business lawyers in France.

This year we are competing in the following categories:

  • Category 3 : Competition 

  • Category 4 : Distribution

  • Category 13 : Information technology – Media – Telecommunications

  • Category 21 : Industrial risks - Defective products 

  • Category 24 : Compliance

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Competition law, a strategic weapon for companies, Interview with Louis and Joseph Vogel

Competition law, a strategic weapon for companies: analysis by Louis and Joseph Vogel in the review Juriste d’Entreprise, published by the AFJE

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Business lawyers today: Article by Louis Vogel in l'Expansion

Louis Vogel paints the portrait of the business lawyer in France today. Two types of business law practice are defined : full-service firms which offer clients a whole range of services covering all their legal needs and, in contrast, specialist firms which work only in one or more specific areas of law.

As only the clients are in a position to evaluate the services offered by their lawyer, L’expansion has developed a system of ranking whereby qualitative as well as quantitative criteria are taken into account, thus presenting a more accurate reflection of the profession. 


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2014- l'Expansion magazine publishes guide of top business lawyers

The magazine l’Expansion has recently published a special report entitled "le guide des avocats d’affaires" (Business lawyers' guide), which following a survey of directors and legal counsel members of the French in-house lawyers' association, the AFJE (Association française des juristes d'entreprise), has ranked the top business law firms in France.


Vogel & Vogel is ranked number one out of the major competiton and distributon law specialists, ahead of Bredin Prat and Linklaters (competition) and Grall et associés and Fidal (distribution).

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What purpose does competition serve?

Louis Vogel gave a speech at the conference organized on 4 December 2014 by Concurrences magazine on the occasion of its 10th anniversary and of the launch of its publication “What purpose does competition serve” (À quoi sert la concurrence) at the French National Assembly. Concurrences has published online 100 answers to that question from public figures such as historians, lawyers, sociologists, religious leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians.  


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Vogel & Vogel awarded Gold Trophy for Client relations management and Silver Trophy for Antitrust

On the occasion of the 2014 Law Trophies organized by Décideurs magazine, Vogel & Vogel was awarded the Gold Trophy for client relations management and the Silver Trophy for best specialist antitrust team, rewarding the firm for the quality of our commitment to our clients.


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Louis and Joseph Vogel, ranked in 7th position in French GQ magazine's most powerful lawyers in France list.

We are pleased to announce that  Louis Vogel and Joseph Vogel have been ranked in 7th position in GQ magazine's "France's 30 most powerful lawyers" [Le Top 30 des avocats les plus puissants de France] in its October 12014 issue.

 Every year the magazine publishes a list of the leading (mostly criminal lawyers) and this year honors Louis and Joseph Vogel, descrbed as “open advocates of the free market economy” who “have become, in 24 years, the go-to lawyers for companies in terms of cost savings in cases where millions of euros are at stake in Paris and Brussels”.

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Article on vertical restraints by Louis Vogel in JECLAP

Vertical Restraints: Toward More Rigid Rules for Distribution Networks in Europe ?, by Louis Vogel, in Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 2014, Vol. 5, no 6.